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A Word for 2019

Have you ever given yourself a word for the year? A word that is meaningful for you - something you want to achieve, define or challenge you for the year. For some, this comes out of a time of reflection or prayer, for others, it is just something that makes sense or sets an intention for the year ahead.

It can be a pretty helpful tool to keep you on track and motivated. We often mess up pretty quickly when we set ourselves resolutions but this takes failure out of the question while still giving us a focus.

For example, you may choose the word discipline - rather than giving yourself a list of must dos for January, it simply gives you a way in which you choose to approach anything you turn your hand to in 2019. Or perhaps your word is adventure - no need to spend lots of money or plan something big necessarily - it might just mean saying yes to opportunities as the come and seeing where they lead.

For LIVEmpowered, our word for 2019 is EQUIP. This comes out of our value - empowered. We believe that everyone is empowered to make positive choices and we exist to empowered others to support those around them. Our focus this year is to EQUIP communities to meet the needs of their young people. Many people have told us that they see the struggles of young people around them but don’t know how to help them. Our Community Empowerment Training is designed to EQUIP anyone with the knowledge and tools they need and in 2019 we want to roll out our training in as many communities as we can.

So, if you haven’t, take some time in the coming days to reflect on what you want your 2019 to look like - maybe a year of giving, discovery or growth - whatever it is, find your word and let it fill your thoughts, decisions and actions this year. We wish you all the very best for 2019!

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