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At Risk | Human Trafficking and Self Esteem

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

1 in 6 of reported runaways are likely to become victims of child sex trafficking. It is such an underground crime that there is no official estimate for the number of human trafficking victims in the States but the best guesses go into the hundreds of thousands. Our children and teens are at risk - what can we do to help protect them?

Young people are at greater risk of being trafficked if they have been abused, have a dysfunctional home life or if they identify as LGBTQ - really anything that leads them to question their value and causes them to have low self esteem. Traffickers prey on their need to be seen, to be valued, to be loved and taken care of. They promise their victims love, care, protection and money to draw them in and then go on to control them with force, manipulation, intimidation and violence.

There are two things we can take action on now to reduce the vulnerability of our children and youth:

- We can educate ourselves and the young people in our communities about traffickers and their methods. End Slavery Tennessee have some great resources including online courses as a starting point for becoming more informed - https://www.endslaverytn.org/

- We can do all we can to help our young people understand that they are loved and have intrinsic value. If a young person has high self esteem and understands these truths, the chance that they will ever be approached by traffickers is dramatically reduced.

This is just one of the reasons why LIVEmpowered has developed the Meant to Be curriculum. Meant To Be is a curriculum to encourage young people to realize their inherent value, to explore their visions for future and take the first steps towards those dreams. Understanding more of the truth about themselves and their dreams will raise their self esteem - please get in touch if you would like to know more!


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