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Identity | The Importance of Knowing Who We Are

You probably remember some of the joys of your teenage years. Desperately trying to become your own person in the midst of the demands and boundaries of school and parents. Navigating the pressures of trying to be unique, while trying to fit in at the same time. So much of the struggle during this time of life is simply down to identity - we are no longer happy as being known as someone’s child and want to establish ourselves in our own right, and yet we haven’t quite worked out who we want that person to be.

Being firm in who we are helps us to navigate what life throws at us, it helps us to make the right choices, to choose the right people to spend time with, to find what we are passionate about, and make strides toward our goals and dreams. Being sure in our identity promotes our self esteem and gives us confidence in every situation, helping us to make decisions, solve problems, and build healthy relationships.

Studies have shown that teenagers with low self esteem are more likely to engage in negative behaviors, with the reverse also being true. This is why identity is a core part of our Meant To Be curriculum. It’s the foundation where we start. Our first session is all about helping the young people to talk about what makes them who they are - we talk about cultures, families, friends, environment, experiences, and more. We help them to celebrate their differences and to learn from one another, too. Every young person leaves knowing that they bring something unique to the world that no one else can offer.

So what about you? Are you sure in who you are and what makes you unique from all those around you? Take some time to think about this today and more than that, be grateful for the people, experiences, cultures, and talents that make you who you are today.

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