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Loved Valued Empowered | Our Theory of Change

Depression, anxiety, self harm, eating disorders, addiction… These things can destroy a person’s life. If you aren’t personally affected then you will know someone who is. These things can be all encompassing and it can be hard to see light and life from the midst of them but we believe there is hope.

At LIVEmpowered, we believe that every person is LOVED unconditionally by their Father in heaven - whether we know it or not. When we really understand this, we realize we have VALUE, we are unique and all have something to offer the world. This in turn EMPOWERS us to make decisions that will have a positive impact on our lives and the community around us. We will be transformed.

For some, this message will bring healing to the issues they are facing. Others will still need the help and support of others - doctors, counsellors, friends, and family, but this understanding will make the path to healing a little less rocky.

At LIVEmpowered, we believe that this message needs to be heard by every young person we come into contact with. We build all our programs and trainings around the truth that every person is loved, valued and empowered to make positive decisions. If you are struggling or know someone who is - focus in on this message and share it with others.

If each of us really understood how loved we are and acted out of that love, it would change the world.

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