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Meet the Team | Lydia Horton

Meet Lydia! Lydia has been a supporter and volunteer for LIVEmpowered since our earliest days and currently serves as President of our Board. We so appreciate Lydia and how she has helped us get where we are today and we want you to get to know her too...

Why did you get involved with LIVEmpowered? I have known Christy for a long time and I believe in her so I want to support her efforts. I also can personally relate to the issues we address at LIVEMpowered as they are part of my story - addiction, body image issues and self harm.

What are the top three things we need to know about you? 1. I love God. He came and got me out of my addiction and gave me life. 2. I love animals and nature - I find these things fascinating! 3. I choose to see good....We are all going through this life and, although I acknowledge the bad, I will focus on the good. If you had one piece of advice for yourself as a young person, what would it be? Choose your friends carefully because they will have a big influence on your life. Who or what inspires you? People who are kind in unkind circumstances. I think you have to be very brave to be kind in today's world. It’s very easy to be selfish and rude. What makes you feel loved? When someone remembers a conversation or something I have said and brings it up again or relates something to it. Describe your perfect day. Currently it would be spent outside most likely on a tractor. How would you change the world? My wish for this world is that those who have been blessed with resources would share by their own free will. That people would recognize their social responsibility to care for others. We are really not that different and it wouldn't take much for roles to be reversed. Quick questions: - City or countryside? Countryside - Board games or video games? Neither not a games fan.... - Dress up or dress down? Dress down - Breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast? BOTH!! - Think before you talk or talk before you think? I try very hard to think before I talk.

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