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Myth-Buster | Addiction

Have you ever been in support of a friend or family member who is struggling with addiction? It is one of the hardest situations to face - things don’t always make sense or add up and the experience is different or each individual. There are many misunderstandings when it comes to addiction so we are going to shed some light on three of those myths today…

You can always tell who the addicts are...”

When someone mentions to word addict, people typically think of those from a low socio-economic background - usually a males, usually a minority, usually unemployed. The truth is that addiction affects people from every walk of life. In fact, rates of addiction have increased more rapidly for women and in 2013 nearly 70% of addicts were employed.

“Addiction is a choice...”

While substance use might be a choice in the beginning, some people are able to use a substance without becoming addicted while others only need to use once for an addiction to become established. Addiction is a brain disease that alters the brain’s chemistry meaning a person is compelled to use a substance despite harmful repercussions. An addicted person will need a lot of support to detox and work through the physical and emotional causes for their addiction.

“Prescription drugs are safer than other drugs…”

Prescription drugs fool people - although they are safe for human consumption under medical direction, they can be highly addictive and dangerous. Mixing these drugs can be especially dangerous. These drugs often seem safe because more than 50% of the time they are gained for free from friends or family.

LIVEmpowered has resources to help those dealing with addiction or supporting someone who is struggling. Please contact us at info@LIVEmpowered.org for more information.

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