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Self Care for Cold Months

Are you happiest wrapped in a big coat or do you prefer shorts? Winter is fast-approaching and the thought of hot chocolate, big boots, and blankets makes some of us whoop with joy! Others, however, are left longing for the summer sun and dread the cold, short days ahead.

However we feel about winter, it is important that we make sure that we are looking after ourselves well during the colder months. We’ve put together our top tips for winter self care:

Get outside

This may be the last thing you feel like doing, but spending time outside each day has a host of benefits for us, including: helping to regulate sleep (especially if you go outside in the morning), improving our mood, supporting our immune system, as well as topping up our vitamin D levels. Most of us don’t have enough vitamin D in our bodies, which can contribute to depression, muscle weakness and even increased blood pressure. Taking some time outside in the fresh air is a self-care must!

Skin care

All of us get more dry skin as it gets colder. Make sure to stay hydrated; we feel less thirsty during the winter, but that doesn’t mean our body doesn’t need just as much water. This will help our skin as we won’t be dehydrated. Also, moisturizing with a lotion that contains natural moisturizers like jojoba oil, coconut oil, or vitamin E oil will help reduce dryness.

Slow down and do what you love

We naturally slow down in the winter we may need to sleep more and not have the same get-up-and-go we do the rest of the year. This is ok and we don’t have to fight it, but it is important to keep doing the things we love and keep being part of family and community life. So make time for friends and family - curl up and watch a movie, have a bonfire, make a meal together - it doesn’t have to be fast-paced or outside, just don’t hibernate! Keep your heart and head healthy by spending time with those you love, doing what you love.

I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival.

Audre Lorde

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