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Suicide Prevention | North Dakota

Every 13 minutes someone dies at their own hand in the USA - we hear about it more and more in the news and in our local communities. What do we say to someone we know to be struggling with suicidal thoughts? What are the warning signs we need to be aware of?

These were the questions that teachers at Shiloh Christian School in Bismarck, North Dakota were asking - they wanted to be equipped to give their students the best possible care.

In 2014, North Dakota reported that they had seen a 70% rise in suicide over the previous decade, the most alarming rise was seen in the teenage population. In the last couple of years, those numbers have seen a slight decline but they still well above the average figures for the USA and suicide remains the 2nd leading cause of death for those aged 10 to 24.

In January, we were able to visit the school to deliver our Suicide Prevention training which is part of our Community Empowerment program. We shared information about causes, warning signs, how to help people in the immediate, the long term, and much more. The staff were able to have discussion with one another and ask questions too.

315 teenagers admit to attempting suicide each month in North Dakota and so it is essential that teachers feel equipped to see the warning signs and where to go for help so they have the greatest chance of helping the teens in their care.

This issue is something that is sadly relevant for every school and community in the country - we want to make sure communities feel equipped to deal with this life or death issue. So if you know of a group that would benefit from this training - get in touch today!


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