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The Power of Role Model

When we are children, it’s so easy to think about people or characters that we look up to. Whether for their personality, actions or what they stand for. We are comfortable when we are young to experience awe and show admiration. As we get older, we can forget to look up to others because we are too busy focusing on who we should be. We look inwards instead of outwards.

Does it even matter that we lose sight of our heros? Thomas S. Morson puts it perfectly; “We tend to become like those we admire.” When we look up to those with positive characteristics that we want to embody, their attributes will start to rub off on you. Maybe you want to start your own business - finding an entrepreneur to learn about to learn about and emulate could help you achieve your dream. It will help give you direction, goals and maybe most importantly how to deal with failure.

A role model can be anyone - a relative, sports person, business person, friend, spiritual leader, musician… anyone who embodies the positive values and behavior that inspire you. The best role models will someone you can connect with in some way so they can speak into your situation and maybe even practically help you reach your dreams and goals.

Spending time with and looking up to our role models will make us more like them overtime but it has an added bonus as well… We might just end up being someone that others look up to.

Each person should live their lives as a role model for others.
Rosa Parks

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