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Tips for a Restful Summer

Making the most of the summer months to refresh and rejuvenate ourselves can make all the difference, especially for those of us who struggle with the cold winter months. Here are our top tips for getting some rest this summer:

1. Meditation - whatever this looks like for you, take some time to breathe and rest your mind. Maybe use a meditation app, reflect on a bible verse or simply close your eyes and focus on the sounds and smells around you.

2. Spend time in nature - get outside! It’s so good for us - fresh air, vitamin D and research shows it makes us happier and healthier. Take a walk, do some yoga, soak up a few rays or read a book - just get out and enjoy your time.

3. Enjoy all the fresh seasonal food - one of the healthiest ways to eat is to follow what is in season and there is no better time than summer to get started. Make the most of all the fresh strawberries, tomato, zucchini, beets and bell peppers - to name just a few!

This summer, take the time to focus on your own self care and you will reap the benefits when things get busy. Have a great summer all!

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