The Need
  • 20% of young people between 13 and 18 are living with a mental illness but only half of those have accessed treatment.

  • 80% of 10 year olds are afraid of being fat.

  • 15,700 young people are hospitalized for self injury every year.

  • More than 90% of people with a substance abuse problem began smoking, drinking or using other drugs before 18.

  • Almost 1 in 4 students report being bullied at school.

We could go on and on with statistics but these all point to a deeper truth that each of us struggle with their self esteem and identity. Studies show that depression, self injury, eating disorders, substance abuse and bullying are all significantly reduced when a young person has higher self esteem. Our work with young people across the country has shown us that this issue runs deep and wide and young people from all walks of life don’t realize they are enough just as they are.

Our Mission and Values

LIVEmpowered exists to create a safe space where everyone can be seen, heard and helped. We want to bring truth into the struggles of young people. We want everyone to know that they are loved, valued and empowered to make choices that lead to a life of purpose and joy.


Our mission statement:

Empowering communities to meet the needs of young people.

Empowering young people to make positive choices.

LIVEmpowered wants to ensure that every person that encounters us comes to an understanding that they are LOVED, VALUED and EMPOWERED to make positive choices and is treated in a way that reflects that.


We seek to act with INTEGRITY and in PARTNERSHIP with the local community through schools, youth organisations, churches and any other body seeking to bring TRANSFORMATION to the lives of young people.

Our Approach

Community Empowerment

We have heard from many people who work with young people that they don't feel they have the tools they need to support their teenagers through the issues they are facing. We developed our Community Empowerment Training to meet this need and equip anyone working with young people. 

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Youth Empowerment

Through our Meant To Be curriculum, LIVEmpowered is reaching large numbers of struggling young people, helping them to see that they have something unique and amazing to offer the world. We seek to help them access the resources they need and provide safe spaces where each individual can be heard.

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Our History

LIVEmpowered was founded by Christy Brooks while she was pastoring young adults at her local church in 2008. She was regularly meeting with young adults the day after they did something that they considered a mistake that was having a negative impact on their lives.


Having suffered from a lack of value and self worth growing up, Christy could see this same hopelessness in their lives. She saw that these young people didn’t understand that they were loved and valued and therefore, could make decisions that have a positive impact on their lives.


And so, LIVEmpowered was born - although originally called MAM. It ran as a project of the church affiliation for several years until it became a nonprofit in its own right in 2013.


Since then, LIVEmpowered has worked with thousands of young people and trained hundreds of adults across the States with a particular focus on Tennessee, Michigan and North Dakota.