Empowering young people to make positive choices


Meant To Be Curriculum

Depression, self injury, eating disorders, substance abuse and bullying are all significantly reduced when a young person has higher self esteem. Our work with young people across the country has shown us that this issue runs deep and wide, and young people from all walks of life don’t realize they are enough...just as they are.

LIVEmpowered’s Meant To Be program is designed to help young people identify who they are, what their goals and dreams are and how to take the first steps to move towards those things.


Studies have shown that where young people go through self esteem programs in schools anti-social behavior and aggression are reduced by between 40 and 50%. In our own experience in schools, we have seen a rise in engagement in the classroom and reduction in suspensions.


We have seen that when young people realize they are loved and valued it empowers them to make positive decisions which can impact the direction of their lives. We hope that any young person that completes the sessions will know that there is help available to them for anything they are facing and where they can access that help.

Meant To Be Curriculum Overview


Who Am I?

This session looks at the different ways we see one another and what our backgrounds, choices, beliefs say about us. Who are we in light of these things and is that a true reflection of ourselves?

The teaching and discussion will be around value and individuality. The young people should leave with a fuller understanding of what makes them unique.


Society, Culture and Me

This session looks at what society tells us is evidence of success and a good life. How do we compare ourselves to these ideals? Is that realistic?
The young people should leave with a greater understanding of expectations that are put on them by others and which of those are healthy purposeful goals.


The Real Me

The purpose of this session is for the young people to identify the positives about themselves. They will learn how to focus on those things and to evaluate the negative messages they may be hearing.

The activities will help to build their self confidence and teach them to encourage others.


Vision and Dreams

What do you want your future to be? We ask the young people to share what are the big dreams and small goals that they want to achieve - in the near future and going on in their lives.

The young people will learn the importance of have goals mapped out to help us more forward and get the life that we want for ourselves.


Roles Models

This session thinks about the qualities we look for in a role model. Referring back to the previous session, who are the people in their lives that they can look up to that model the life they want? What qualities do they want to demonstrate so they are a good role model to others?


Taking The First Steps

This session focuses on breaking down the first few steps that the young people need to be taking to reach the goals and dreams that they have talked about in previous
sessions. The aim is for each young person to leave the class with practical steps they can take and feeling empowered to do so.



This session looks at the people and situations that can get in the way of reaching the dreams and goals that the young people have already
been thinking about.

What can they do to get around those things and move forward to achieve their goals?


Finding my Support System

This session looks at what a support system is and who is available to help the young people with struggles and reaching their goals. The aim is for each young person to leave the lesson knowing who is on
their side and where they can access help if they need it.

If you are interested in the Meant to Be Curriculum for your group, please email us for more information.